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As a premier private jet charter company, superior and reliable safety and security of our clients is a top priority. We adhere to strict industry standards to give you the peace of mind that you are traveling with experienced pilots on the highest rated aircraft available though charter. We follow an aggressive safety methodology that ensures all operators and pilots have been carefully screened. We pre-screen all operators against the highest industry standards including Aviation Research Group (ARG/US) Gold or Platinum and Wyvern Consultants Ltd. These pre-flight procedures and checks verify fundamental information concerning the operator, aircraft and crew for each trip, including:
  • Pilot Certificates
  • Aircraft Registration
  • Operator Certificates
  • Accident and Incident Report
  • Enforcement Actions
  • Ownership and Management
We use ARG/US to exhaustively research the most up to date information available on multiple databases to generate a comprehensive report on indicators and events that could impact the relative safety of air charter operators. The databases are constantly updated to reflect recent activity as well as historical events.


As a member of the Private Travel Group you will be given detailed documentation for each trip that summarizes this data in an easy to read format, including an ARG/US rating, a graphic representation of the operators three year safety rating trend, and a comprehensive detail of the findings. This comprehensive safety and security report will help you make the best informed selection of aircraft. The charter evaluation and qualification report has three major components that air charter companies’ use:
  • Historical safety ratings
  • Current aircraft and pilot background checks
  • On-site safety audits.
Analysis of these components results in four potential levels of safety rating: DNQ, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each level reflects analysis and ranking based on increasing amounts of detailed information on the charter operator. This comprehensive safety and security report will help make the best informed selection of aircraft.
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The Private Travel Group llc serves as an agent for air charter services on behalf of our clients. All aircrafts and air carriers selected are fully certified by the Federal Aviation Administration and the U.S. Department of Transportation under Part 135 Regulations. Carriers are solely responsible for the air transportation arranged on behalf of The Private Travel Groups clients. The Private Travel Group does not own or operate any aircrafts. The Private Travel Group is not a direct or indirect air carrier. All flights chartered through The Private Travel Group are operated by Part 135 air carriers.